Bodies of water, we are drawn to them.  Their beauty eliciting a deep calming effect, providing that refuge that we strive to create in our homes.  But did you know that if our home acreage contains these viable sources of life, they can add up to 20% to the market value?

Year around ponds, creeks, streams, or lakeside settings can all be valuable assets.  The long term benefits of these types of water features requires minimal care and expense.

The Placer County Resource Conservation District has published a Stream Care Guide that explains and help you maneuver through the care and management of streams and creeks.  By caring for your stream bank and the vegetation you can maximize its beauty and quality.

Ponds may need additional care, as the standing water needs to be treated for mosquitoes, weed control, and algae to keep those serene waters brilliant and reflective.

Many newer ponds are the result of new housing construction being built around a pond.  They can range from one half acre to less than 2 to 3 acres.  Placer County has an excellent resource if you wish to construct your own private pond.  Read more here.

If you have questions on caring for these natural water resources, or possibly constructing one, please call me.

Cynthia Clarkson has 25 years of experience in dealing with homes, ranch property, and lakeside properties and would be happy to share these insights with you.

Most items needed to maintain and construct ponds can be obtained at Read more here. .