Water consumption is on everyone’s mind these days, with restrictions and drought being commonplace words.  Exactly how much water does a family of four consume in one day?  This figure can vary depending on the family size, the ages of the inhabitants, or with frequent visitors.

The estimated average use per person is 80 to 100 gallons of water per day.  Some everyday activities reveal some surprising statistics.

A full tub bath averages 36 gallons.  A shower averages 25 to 50 gallons, with an older shower head utilizing an average of 5 gallons per minute and a newer shower head 2 gallons per minute.  Your zesty clean could also minimize water usage by shortening your shower time.

Brushing your teeth averages 1 gallon.  Older faucets can average 2 gallons per minute, with newer faucets averaging just 1 gallon.  Another water saver would be to turn off that water while polishing those pearly whites.

Just a simple hand and face wash or shave can use 1 gallon of water.  Installing a faucet aerator can minimize water usage while scrubbing and shaving.

Watering your horses, livestock, and dogs can also suck up the gallons.  Six to 10 gallons per day are needed to keep your horse supplied with clean, fresh drinking water.

Washing your dishes in a dishwasher can range from 6 to 16 gallons per minutes, with Energy Star appliances again on the lower end of usage.  Washing those soiled dishes by hand could utilize 8 to 27 gallons, depending on the faucet.  Utilizing a 2 sink method can also cut down usage.

Washing a load of laundry can range 25 gallons for a newer washer and 40 gallons for an older washer.  Energy Star appliances can save a lot of water and energy.

A toilet flush in an older toilet can use 3 to 4 gallons, with new models just using 1.5 gallons per flush.

Outdoor watering utilizes 2 gallons per minute.  Drought resistant landscaping can assist in lowering this figure as well.  The UC Master Gardeners of Placer County have some excellent ideas on their site at Read more here.

Swimming pools can utilize a great deal of water during the peak usage months.   To fill an average 21-foot round pool with a depth of 48 inches can use up to 13,500 gallons and a 21 foot round pool with a depth of 52 inches can use about 14,000 gallons.  The following link can be utilized to calculate the volume of your pool.  Read more here.

An uncovered pool can lose up to 1,000 gallons per month.  A covered pool can decrease that loss by 30 to 50 percent.  Pool covers and supplies can be obtained at Home Depot.  Read more here.

With all these facts and figures exactly how much water does a family of four need to exist comfortably?  And how does this equate to how much well produces?  Next week I will discuss well production in depth.

Cynthia Clarkson has been selling properties for 25 plus years and knows that keeping educated on water cost can save her clients money and make home ownership more affordable.  Should you have any questions regarding your well, water usage, or just want to discuss the subject, please give me a call.

This USGS site also offers an array of information with their online Water Science School.  Read more here.